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Consilii Taciturnitas Nutrix

(Silence is the nurse of council)

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Fleckney Jessons Fleckney, Gumley, East Langton, Gilmorton, Leicester, Lincoln, Lancashire, London, British Columbia
South Leics Jessons Great Bowden, Wakerley, Barrowden, Saskatchewan
Sapcote Jessons Sapcote, Leicester, Nottingham
Coston Jessons Coston, Eaton, Branston, Hose, West Yorkshire, NZ, New South Wales, Western Australia
Whitwick Jessons Whitwick, Blaby, Enderby, Long Clawson, Nottingham, British Columbia, Texas, South Africa, Victoria
Northants Jessons Bainton, Cotterstock, Leicester, Leeds, Hartlepool
Leicester Jessons Leicester, Grimsby
Handsworth Jessons Handsworth, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Hampshire, Sussex, London
South Staffs Jessons Black Country, Sheffield, Barrow-in-Furness, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, North Wales, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ
Birmingham Jessons Birmingham, Aston Cantlow, Warwick, New Jersey
Coventry Jessons Coventry, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield
Sussex Jessons Battle, Eastbourne, London
Deptford Jessons Deptford, Poplar, Bromley, South Africa
London Jessons Westminster, Marylebone, Swindon
Lincolnshire Jessons Lincolnshire, Ohio, New York State
Devonshire Jessons Tiverton, London
Dublin Jessons Dublin, Massachusetts, Scotland, Australia
Scandinavian Jessons Denmark, Sweden, Arkansas, California, Indiana, Michigan, N.Dakota
Other Jessons Canada, USA, Australia
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Jesson Certificates & Wills List of birth, death and marriage certificates and wills available
Jesson Emigrant Index List of emigrants showing UK origin and destination
Surrey Lucas Family Lucas Family Tree
Quorn Rennocks Family Rennocks/Rennox Family Tree


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