Fleckney Jessons Picture Gallery

James Jesson (1859-1937)
Sarah Jane Barratt Neal (1855-1931)


Margaret Ellen Turner née Jesson (1896-1989) & Evelyn Jane Reid née Jesson (1885-1971)
Mary Elizabeth Mason née Jesson (1889-1954)

Alfred Neal Jesson (1893-1963) & Ellen Haigh (1898-1975)


Betty Eveline Jesson
Peter and Lana Jesson


Thomas (1776-1846) & Elizabeth Jesson née Branson (1801-1836). Gumley churchyard
Thomas Jesson (1818-1885). Gumley churchyard


Charles Jesson (1852-1906) and wife Sarah Ann Jesson nee Marlow (1849-1927)
James Jesson (1859-1937) and wife Sarah Jane Jesson nee Barratt-Neal (1855-1931)
John Weston (1865-1932), his son Thomas Charles (1899-1918) and wife Martha Ann Jesson née Wells (1863-1958). Gumley churchyard.


Mary Jesson (1880-1950)
John Jesson (1887-1887)
John William Jesson (1895-1968)
Stanley J.W. Jesson (1920-1925)


Fleckney Church
Ward Wm Jesson (1865-1947)
Fleckney Churchyard


John Weston Jesson (1865-1932) followed his father as a grazier rearing cattle, sheep and pigs. In 1894 he had a slaughterhouse and shop built for £22 19s 4d in Gumley's Main Street and branched out as a butcher. In 1910 the business closed down.

The shop was re-opened virtually untouched many years later by his granddaughter Betty and her husband Geoff as a museum.

The museum was finally closed and the contents sold by auction after Geoff's death in 1990.

John Jesson's butchers shop, Gumley c1905
The shop today as a private house ("The Js House")


Maxwell Jesson and Rosemaris
Maxwell Jesson (born 1963) and wife Rosemaris