The Jesson Family Website

Since its early roots in the English Midlands the Jesson family has spread throughout the English speaking world and Jesson families and their descendants can now be found in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as throughout the United Kingdom.

The name is thought to be a corruption of Geoffson (son of Geoff) or Judson (son of Judd).

A large debt is owed to those members of the family who have dedicated large amounts of their time to researching and documenting the family history, in particular Sean Jesson, Paul Blunt and Annette Musker.

This website was conceived to act as a family "totem pole" where the accumulated knowledge of this worldwide family could be stored in a freely available way.

I hope that as I gain experience I will be able to develop the site to provide additional facilities and information.

Peter Lucas, Mar 2005